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1. The name of this club shall be “Islamabad Science Club”

2. The purpose of this club is to promote Science and Technology by supporting learners’

3. The Club aims:
a) to organise meetings and relevant events
b) to encourage interest in Science and Technology
c) to provide opportunities and facilities to support scientific interest
d) to encourage a spirit of comradeship
e) to liase with other organisations who share these aims

4. Membership in this club shall not be denied to any learner on the
basis of race, religion, gender, political affiliation, sexual orientation or physical handicap.
5. There shall be three classes of members:
a) Full Member: Full membership is limited to learners of the particular school or college.
Any eligible learner or teacher who completes and signs a membership application shall be a Full Member upon filing the application with the club secretary.
b) Associate Member: Any eligible person who is not entitled for full membership
shall be an associate member upon submitting a membership form to the club
c) Honorary Member: Any person giving outstanding service to the club may be
voted in for honorary membership.
6. Any member may use club facilities and equipment on such conditions as determined by the
7. Any member may be suspended or expelled from the club for conduct obviously contrary to
the Constitution of the club or for conduct that impairs the rights of the members to enjoy
the benefits of the club.

8. The committee of the club shall consist of at least 4 members, viz.
a) Chairman
b) Vice Chairman
c) Secretary
d) Treasurer
9. Powers and Duties of Committee members:
a) The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the club. He/She shall be the official
spokesperson of the club, representing the policies, views and opinions of the club in
its relations with the school and community at large. He/She has further powers and
duties as prescribed by the club.
b) The Vice Chairman presides at the club meetings in the absence of the Chair. He/She
performs all legal duties assigned by the Chair. He/She notifies all members of the
club meetings.
c) The Treasurer handles all financial affairs and budgeting of the club. He/She
maintains accounts in the club’s name that requires signature of both the Treasurer
and Chair. All disbursements for more than R500.00 require a majority vote approval
of the club.
d) The Secretary takes minutes at all meetings of the club, files minutes and submits
required copies to all club members. He/She is responsible for all club
correspondence and keeps copies of all correspondence on file. He/She acts as
historian and maintains all records of the club.
10. The committee may co-opt other members if deemed necessary.

11. A staff member(s) of the respective college may be assigned to work with this club as an
12. The advisor(s) will serve a term of one academic year and is selected at the same time as the
committee members of the club.
13. The advisor(s) may be removed by a two-thirds vote of the membership at a regularly
scheduled club meeting.

14. This club can choose to charge membership fees. Assessments are determined each school
year by a quorum of the membership at its regularly scheduled club meeting. This quorum
must consist of the full committee as well as at least two-thirds of the membership.
15. The income and expenditure of the club shall be applied solely towards the objectives of the
club as laid out in this Constitution, and no portion shall be paid by way of profit to any
members of the club. However, any member may be reimbursed for any expense incurred on
behalf of the club.
16. The committee shall decide the club’s fiscal year.

17. The club shall abide by the rules and regulations of the particular school/college.
18. The committee will deal with infringement of these rules and regulations. The maximum
penalty imposed by the committee shall be expulsion from the club.
19. Appeals against the decision of the committee shall be in the form of a special general
meeting requested in accordance with this Constitution by the persons appealing.